The Donald meets Governor Christie

It’s no secret that the once-famed Atlantic City has seen better days. The Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc., the company which Donald Trump founded, filed for bankruptcy earlier this month. With casinos closing left and right, such as Revel, there is no telling how many properties may be next.

News sources speculate that The Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, and the Trump Taj Mahal, may be next on the chopping block. Why isn’t Trump himself closing-in on these properties, and trying to save them? Well, interestingly enough, he’s considering it.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, the infamous governor who is currently under investigation for “Bridgegate,” the George Washington Bridge scandal, weighed-in on Trump’s savior-like consideration. He stated recently during a news conference, “If Donald Trump wants to come in and be a participant again in an active way in Atlantic City, I’d welcome him and I think most people in New Jersey would.”

Trump recently went live with his consideration on social media; he stated on Twitter on September 16, “I left Atlantic City years ago, good timing. Now I may buy back in, at much lower price, to save Plaza & Taj. They were run badly by funds!”

The tycoon has no active role in managing the properties that hold his name, but he certainly is looking to take action to regain some control over the untimely financial losses.



Joseph Federico


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