The Queen Responds to Scotland

After Scotland, which has been under British rule for over three centuries, took a “no” majority voting against becoming an independent entity from the crown, Queen Elizabeth II responded quite responsibly.

Her majesty stated that she has loved her country, and has been known to applaud its “robust democratic tradition.” She awoke Friday, ironically enough, in her lavish Scottish abode, to find that 55 percent of the Scottish population had voted in favor of staying under the crown. The Queen was tickled with delight.

“Now, as we move forward, we should remember that despite the range of views that have been expressed, we have in common an enduring love of Scotland, which is one of the things that helps to unite us all,” Elizabeth said.

So, is love all you really need?

Elizabeth also went on record stating that the outcome of the referendum followed endless time spent on discussions, debates, and careful thought.

Now, in day and age where the citizens of Scotland’s emotions and thoughts are heightened, the Queen reached out, and promised to assist the country to work “constructively for the future.”



Joseph Federico


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