Upset Lauryn Hill Fans Speak Up on Social Media

Lauryn Hill, former member of the ’90s group, the Fugees, had some pretty angry fans during the start of her solo album tour in London. The now-39-year-old performer arrived late to her own performance this past weekend. The show was set to start at 9:00 p.m. sharp, and Hill arrived at 9:58 p.m.

This tour was supposed to be Hill’s comeback, after she served three months in prison for tax evasion. The show was sold out, and cost fans tickets approximately $89.00 (55 pounds). Fans and followers alike simply did not care about her recent run-in with the law; they did care, however, that she kept them waiting for about an hour.

First, event management took to social media, and posted on Twitter, “We apologize for the delay, which is out of our control. Lauryn Hill will be on stage very soon.”

As she arrived with a five-piece live band and three backup singers, she spent an upwards of 80 minutes performing re-worked hits from her debut album. Hits from her hay day, and several tracks from her 2002 MTV Unplugged performance, weren’t recognized.

After the show, fans were even more unsettled, and took to Twitter again. One fan, a 31-year-old paralegal from London, stated, “Lauryn Hill is the most disappointing concert I have ever been to. That’s heart-breaking.”

Lauryn Hill, once a megastar in the recording industry, has several more tour dates lined-up in the upcoming weeks. Can she win her fans back? Hopefully she can, with one song at a time.



Joseph Federico


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