AC/DC Guitarist Suffering from Dementia

Reports of Malcolm Young, the long-time guitarist of AC/DC, having dementia are true, and came to light on September 26, 2014.

News sources such as the Sydney Morning Herald, reported that Young started to get dementia due to a stroke; his list of life-threatening health conditions only grew worse. Other reports stated that the guitarist suffered from a stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.

Young’s family will not release information as to why the band member left AC/DC to begin with. They also haven’t revealed what prefaced his current condition.

This sad news came just before the announcement of the band’s new album, “Rock or Bust,” which is set to be released early in December. The band, which has been strong and supportive up until this point, stated that Young won’t be returning to the group in “any capacity.”

We certainly wish the best to Malcolm Young and his family, and all of those in AC/DC during this difficult time.



Joseph Federico


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