Billy Idol to Release New Album

You haven’t heard too much about this 1980s pop/rock sensation, Billy Idol, in quite some time. He’s been recording and producing holiday music, but nothing too substantial, such as new material; it’s been almost a decade.

Idol and longtime friend, Steve Stevens, have come together again to work on Idol’s new solo album, “Kings & Queens of the Underground.” Stevens, in a recent interview with Premier Guitar, said that he wants to assure fans he hasn’t gotten lazy, and that the recording process for this album is “…pretty similar (to past recordings and processes) on many levels.”

Stevens also said, “A song really needs to travel – even in the smallest details – to tell a story.” That’s just what the dynamic duo is doing. “Kings & Queens” is a story, reflecting Idol’s own autobiography, in a way, and jumps off of Idol’s “Dancing With Myself.”

Even though this new album is comprised of Idol’s memoirs of the past, Stevens wants people to know that he added his own ideas and flavor to the mix. “’Ghosts in My Guitar’ is one cut I brought to the record,” he told reporters.

The new album, “Kings & Queens of the Underground,” is on pre-order, and set to release just before Halloween.



Joseph Federico



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