Foo Fighters to Perform on “Letterman”

The Foo Fighters have given us excellent music from the 1990s to today, as well as thought-provoking, and sometimes-trippy videos to accompany their art. Now, the band is venturing off into different directions, and dabbling in varied mediums.

Their new HBO series, “Sonic Highways” (set to start on October 17), follows Dave Grohl and the rest of the members, as they travel to 8 different cities in the US. The point of the journey was so that the band could lay tracks for their accompanying TV show soundtrack; they recorded a song in each city, then interviewed famous musicians shortly after.

But where does David Letterman fit into the mix?

To promote the show and their new album, the Foo Fighters will be the special musical guest on “Letterman” all week long, starting on October 13. Some of the interviewees from “Sonic Highways” will also make guest appearances on the small screen. Musicians from Austin, Chicago, and even New Orleans will accompany the band during a live performance of one of their new songs.

“Sonic Highways: The Album” is now available for pre-order on iTunes.



Joseph Federico


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