G-Unit to Reunite on The Beauty of Independence EP


The Beauty of Independence EP is in high demand according to the fans of G-Unit. The Unit is re-releasing the project as a hard copy CD on November 10th  exclusively at Best Buy stores. The six-track EP previously released on August 25th sold approximately 14,000 copies its opening week. The upcoming release will have an additional two tracks on it.

As well as The Beauty of Independence, the Unit is gearing up for the release of The Beast is G-Unit EP.

The group recorded nearly 40 songs for both projects with eight on The Beauty and others grouped on to The Beast. 50 told Power 106 LA last month, “The Beauty of Independence is the first half, and The Beast is G-Unit is the second half.”

Listeners can expect to hear original G-Unit members 50 Cent, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, and Kidd Kidd on the project. However, ringleader 50 says of his decision not to include The Game, “I wouldn’t want to work with him. I did a lot for his project in the very beginning and it didn’t mean anything.”

See the track list for Best Buy Exclusive The Beauty Of Independence EP below:

1.Watch Me (Produced by Havoc)
2. I Don’t Fuck With You (Produced by Lord Quest)
3. Digital Scale (Produced by 45 Music)
4. Dead A Pussy Nigga (Produced by Ryan “Ryu” Alexy & D.K.A.D)
5. Changes (Produced by Ryan “Ryu” Alexy)
6. The Plug (Produced by Viruss Beats / Media Management)
7. Ease Up (Produced by Ky Miller)
8. Big Body Benz (Produced by Ky Miller)

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