Darren Wilson Would Kill Michael Brown Again


Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson broke his silence earlier with ABC news’ George Stephanopoulos, since fatally shooting Michael Brown.

Wilson said that he would not do anything differently.

He said that he [Michael Brown] reached into his police car and grabbed for his gun, causing Wilson to fear for his life.

“All I wanted to do was live,” said Wilson, who the grand jury declined to indict in connection with the fatal shooting in August.

He recounted the struggle he faced with Brown, claiming the teen punched Wilson in the face.

“I didn’t know if I’d be able to withstand another hit like that,” he said. “I had reached out my window with my right hand to grab onto his forearm ’cause I was gonna try and move him back and get out of the car to where I’m no longer trapped,” Wilson said.

“I just felt the immense power that he had. And then the way I’ve described it, I felt like a 5-year-old holding onto Hulk Hogan. That’s just how big this man was. I know I did my job right.”

Wilson had been on the Ferguson police force for less than three years; Brown’s shooting marked the first time he fired his gun.

The Brown family attorneys said the grand jury was rigged to clear Darren Wilson in the August 9th shooting that led to Brown’s death. They criticized everything from the evidence the St. Louis County prosecutor presented to the jury – to the way it was presented, as well as the timing of the announcement of the grand jury’s final decision.

“We said from the very beginning that the decision of this grand jury was going to be the direct reflection of the presentation of the evidence by the prosecutor’s office,” attorney Anthony Gray said. He further suggested the county’s top prosecutor Bob McCulloch presented some testimony to discredit the process, including that from witnesses who never saw the shooting.

The Brown family hopes that Wilson will at least be charged following a federal civil rights investigation.

12 commercial buildings in Ferguson were burned down during protests that erupted after the grand jury’s decision was announced. Businesses were looted, 12 vehicles were torched, and that’s not all…




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