Nas, Jimmy Fallon and Big Boi Join Zulu Nation



After the announcement that Lil Wayne joined the Zulu Nation, a cluster of other entertainers have come forward to claim their seats in the Zulu chapter. Big Boi of Outkast, Nas, and late-night tv host Jimmy Fallon are among the newest endorsements to the Nation.

As he had with Lil Wayne, Q-Tip welcomed the new members via Twitter.

Following the announcement that Lil Wayne would be joining the Zulu Nation, producer 9th Wonder released a statement addressing those who criticized the organization’s decision to recruit the rapper.

“Dwayne Carter, also known to the world as Lil Wayne, is a member and an Ahki (which means ‘brother’) in the Universal Zulu Nation founded in 1973 by Afrika Bambaataa—a former gang member of the Black Spades,” 9th Wonder said. “This decision was made by Zulu King Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest) and Zulu King 9th Wonder. Deal with it.”


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