Stacey Dash Still “Clueless”



Actress Stacey Dash is estranged from her family since her widely publicized controversial political opinions concerning African Americans. She says:

“My cousin Damon (hip hop mogul “Dame Dash”) and my brother Darien (CEO of DME) were role models to me because they were great capitalists. Now we’re not really talking because they were the ones who told me to keep my mouth shut.

“When I get hateful tweets, I just re-tweet them and then my fans pile in and attack the haters while I sit back. They felt that I should do certain things because I’m black. Certain friends don’t speak to me anymore, either. But you know what? In the street I get approached by so many people of every color saying: ‘Thank you so much for standing up and being so brave.’ I thought it was time to have a black president and that it would unite us in such a profound way. But as a country, I don’t think we’ve been so divided since the Civil Rights Movement. I mean, isn’t it extraordinary that we are even discussing race in 2014?

Stacey has drawn some negative attention to herself with such statements she made in July, suggesting that Kanye West should experience being raped in prison. In October, Dash said that African-Americans have become less educated during President Barack Obama’s time in office.


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