Wutang To Auction One and Only Album Online



Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album is set for release at online auction site, Paddle8. In a recent video interview with Forbes, RZA said that the auction date would be disclosed at a press conference loosely scheduled for January 28th.

RZA said of the online auction site, “They’ve had a lot of success over the last three years, and they also understand the concept of the new form of art, as well as the classic form of art — so people will find dinosaur bones to what Banksy is doing. This is modern art as well, and the new album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, should be, and is, considered a piece of modern art.”

In addition to the selling of the album, Paddle8 will also aid in the launch of a ”micro-site” later this month that will feature interviews with RZA, essays about the Wu-Tang Clan and a look-see at the Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’s track list.

The actual sale of the album will be more of a private and technical transaction – and not the traditional “auction” that comes to mind.  According to Paddle8‘s Sarah Goulet, more and more auction houses are doing business this way. She says holding online auctions are an easier way to distinguish sincere buyers from the tricksters.

Goulet says, “This is being positioned both by the Wu-Tang Clan and by Paddle8 as a work of art. It’s truly treating this album, which may very well be the last album they make together, as a one-of-a kind, special property that is worth the price.”

RZA said that he was offered $2 million and $5 million last spring after the Clan officially announced the Once Upon a Time in Shaolin – six-year in the making – album. The project, produced by RZA and Cilvaringz, is a 31-track LP with features by Redman, FC Barcelona soccer players, and Cher.

Once Upon a Time in Shaolin will be adorned by an original, hand-carved, nickel-silver box designed by British-Moroccan artist, Yahya.


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