Funk Master Flex Threatens to Fire More On-Air Shots



The Funkmaster Flex / Jay Z saga continues. Flex fired off more on-air indictments after Jay Z allegedly tried to contact him multiple times via phone and text.

Flex took to Instagram last night, where he posted a screen-shot of an alleged text message sent to him by HOV. The Hot 97 DJ’s Instagram caption read: “Really? After calling private for hours you texting with CAPITAL letters????? This guy thinks it 1997 ????” Flex relayed in the post’s caption. “Tomorrow 7pm I got this???? I see you need a tune up and lesson in respect!!!!!”

This comes on the heels of Funkmaster Flex’s recent accusations that Jay Z’s website Life + Times jacked his intellectual property for a mobile application. Flex claims that an interviewer for the publication sat down with him and asked Flex specific questions about his app, the answers of which were never published in the final article, according to Flex.  To support his claim, Flex posted a picture of an interview request by Life + Times about his involvement in Dipset’s rumored reunion, which recently released a song called “Victory,” rumored to be a Jay Z diss.


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