Bobby Brown to Get Bobbi Kristina’s Inheritance?


According to multiple sources Bobby Brown is the next of kin if Bobbi Kristina doesn’t pull through!! #STARFORCE pray’s for you!!!!!!

In gossip land this dicey subject is already being spread wildly as if Somehow NEXT OF KIN law and Bobbi’s life is secondary. What a shame. It’s an utter shame that media has to gravitate this story to the chagrin of Whitney Houston’s family…  But stop and think about it the very haunts of Bobbi’s mother’s life (MEDIA/PRESS) ////// The #HATERS, have crept they’re way into this beautiful 21 year old’s life.  Call it just speculation but Both sides of Bobbi Kristina’s family publicly stated that Mr. Nick Gordon was never married to Bobbi….. HHHHmmmm. #Greed such a terrible trait.

Drugs where apparently found on scene according to multiple close family sources.  This is a tragic event yet due the nature of how Bobbi was found in and of itself draws certain inference that one could draw towards even Nick Gordon himself. There are some reporting under the table of course that maybe there was foul play here.. Of course no one wants that to be the case, but “man listen” where there is smoke there’s fire.. #JUSTSAYIN


Here’s a quote Via #PEOPLE ”He’ll be the bad guy again,” the source said.

“Nick knew that a lot of the family weren’t fans of his; he sort of kept her away from some of her family members because he didn’t want [the family] to say bad things about him to [Bobbi Kristina]. It’s not exactly his fault.”

This source is obviously akin to such knowledge but yet it seems one sided like the one side of someone who doesn’t want any type of heat or exposure to possible foul play..  Doesn’t anyone find it funny how silenced Nick Gordon has been?  Moreover , maybe that is why both sides of Bobbi’s family publicly announced via attorney’s that Nick and Bobbi where never married. We for one sure hope so rather than being greed and money driven..   We will keep you posted, prayers up for Bobbi Kristina Brown….


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