AARP Celebrates Dr. Dre’s 50th Birthday



Dr. Dre, who turned 50-years-old on February 18, graced the cover of AARP‘s bi-monthly magazine. Far from retiring, the AARP\Dr. Dre merge is somewhat ironic considering that N.W.A. used to terrorize middle America and the F.B.I. with hits like “Fuck Tha Police.”  Since his arrival on the hip-hop scene with N.W.A. in the late 1980s, Dre’s presence has not always been wanted.  But in 2015, one of the largest interest groups in the country is celebrating the “Fearless at 50-plus” producer.

N.W.A.’s controversial music predated the Los Angeles riots and undoubtedly re-ignited the spirit of protest for human rights on the left coast, at about the same time that Chuck D was infusing his controversial two-cents on the East Coast.

Post N.W.A., Dre again – cemented his reputation as an artist/producer with 1992 debut, The Chronic, and ushered in Snoop Dog and Tupac shortly after.

Dre split from Death Row Records in 1996 to form Aftermath Entertainment, where he made the deals that put him in one of hip-hop’s most financially stable positions.

Dre launched his Beats line of headphones and audio hard and software, which was recently acquired by Apple. The deal made Dre hip-hop’s first self-made billionaire.

The face of the American Association of Retired Persons, is changing.


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