Method Man on Police Relations in Staten Island



In an interview with Huffington Post Live, Staten Island rapper, Method Man, took up position with countless high-profile musicians and icons in voicing their opinions on police-community relations post the Eric Garner verdict.

Meth was asked to recall his experiences growing up in Staten Island and if he observed anything similar to the events that led to the death of Eric Garner.

Meth recounted the death of his friend, Ernest Sayon, and remarked on the lack-of-respect that existed between some officers and the community.

“It’s not new to us in Staten Island, which is sad,” said Meth (whose real name is Clifford Smith). He didn’t fail to mention the officers who do work well with the community.

Method Man’s comments come on the heels of the Department of Justice’s scathing report on the Ferguson Police Department, and the shooting of two of its officers.

“If the police can just stay on a human level with the community… If we can just bridge that gap and can be treated as human beings in our communities, we wouldn’t have any problem with being policed,” Meth said.


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