Crunk, Incorporated’s own, Serious Lord, Announces New Talent Roster & Expansion to the Imprint of Atlanta Crunk Music


Crunk Incorporated’s Chief Exec, Tommy “Serious Lord” Phillips, is back after a long hiatus and poised to unveil new music off the Crunk Inc. label.

Known since 2003 for writing and producing for such artists as Lil John, Lil Scrappy, DMX, Crime Mob, Trillville and Lil Diamond, Serious Lord says, “We don’t owe each other anything,” with regard to settling balances between he, Crime Mob and Warner Brothers concerning their five-album contract dispute, (see official docket

During his battle over rights and money, Serious Lord stayed in the studio working with new talent Shanghai Fleek on debut single “Gang Flag,” and on a hot new EDM record by EDM RAVE called “Drop and Go.” Both songs were mixed and mastered at Patchwerk Studios by Mike Wilson and Kenny Mixx.

Serious says of parting ways with Crime Mob, “There’s no bad blood, I wish them well and especially Diamond with her new show Sisterhood of Hip Hop. Crime Mob and I made a lot of good music, but ‘Crunk Inc.’ is a platinum label now. It’s time to move on with that true Atlanta, crunk, street-fleek music. And, we are definitely doing something new with EDM RAVE, but we are not going to get away from what got us here, which is the traditional sound that my guy Shanghai Fleek brings.”



Check out Shanghai Fleek’s new single “Gang Flag”:

Check out EDM RAVE’s new single “Drop and Go”:

For more information on Crunk Incorporated visit:







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