The Gaye Family Pushes Forward for Resolution to ‘Blurred Lines’

Various - 1964


Previously this month, a judge awarded $7 million to the family of the legendary Marvin Gaye after it was determined that Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I. plagiarized Mr. Gaye on “Blurred Lines.” The hit was not much different from Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up.” The judge holds Pharrell and Thicke responsible for track theft. The labels remain untouched by the verdict – although the verdict has shocked the music industry, presumably because of all the track-borrowing that takes place there. The decision also didn’t hold T.I. responsible, who is credited with writing a verse on the track.

The Gaye family is displeased with the verdict and are seeking to amend the judge’s decision to hold T.I., Universal, Interscope, Star Trak and a list of other people, who jointly released the song, financially accountable for “Blurred Lines.” Richard Busch, lawyer for the Gaye family, said that everyone involved participated in the distribution of the plagiarized “Got to Give It Up.”

The Gaye family is unrelenting in their quest for seeking damages, and rightfully so. This may result in more money being awarded, or pulling the song off the shelves altogether going forward.

For now, this lawsuit may hopefully serve to raise the conscious question in musicians’ minds of whether or not recycling old classics would be conducive to their careers. Only time will tell.


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