Petestrumentals Coming Soon



Pete Rock is gearing up for the June 23rd release of his long-awaited new album Petestrumentals 2 with label, Mello Music Group. The album is the sequel to Rock’s 2001 classic, also released through MMG. Before the end of June gets here, the Chocolate Boy Wonder will share a taste of what he’s been cooking up.

Attempting to describe Rock as a producer isn’t easy. The interpretation of his musical assemblages depends on the listener. One of the beat titles, “Makes Me Feel Like” directly calls on listeners to fill in the blanks of how the music speaks to them. The possibilities are endless.

For the last 20 years, music aficionados have argued over what Rock’s best productions are: is it “Reminisce Over You,” or Public Enemy’s “Shut ‘Em Down” remix. Again, his best depends on the critic; beauty is in the ear of the beholder.

One thing is definite, the upcoming sequel is 20 different versions of Rock’s blended conceptualization of what can be done with sound, pulled from various corners, genres and eras of the musical universe.

“The first single ‘One, Two, A Few More’ is actually a beat I made in 1995 and waited for the right moment to release.  Now I get the chance to release this and more new and unreleased music never heard by my fans with Mello. The instrumental LP will inspire the masses in anything you are doing.” – Pete Rock


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