Murs Pens Rap About Police Brutality



Murs has released an “educated street video” for the “educated street movement” about the inordinate number of black men being murdered by police. He doesn’t negate black-on-black violence in video “No More Control” off latest work Have A Nice Life.

The video depicts a young, black male character leading a “Black Lives Matter” rally. During his initiative he is met by harassment from police, and at the same time lives among drug dealers and other unsavory characters, at home. The character comes across as a good kid overwhelmed and outnumbered by crushing negativity.

Murs said about single, “‘No More Control is about not letting the media or the powers that be control us or guide us into thinking that the problem is anything other than violence. A lot of my contemporaries would have you believe that the problem is just the police, which, I am not disregarding at all, I am just as sickened and fed up as everyone else with what we’ve been seeing on the news. But what about what’s not making the news? It is very rare that someone from the hip-hop community and the black community would stand up and say, ‘I think the majority of the opportunity for change is still in our control.’ They want us to be victims, to think ‘march and protest’ because that’s the victim role. Yes, the police are out of control, but what can we control? We can control the culture of violence in our community. Instead of looking at what we can control, we’re looking at the justice system to convict these one, two, three or one hundred police officers. Bringing these killers to justice is only part of the solution.”

Check the video:


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