Ace of Spades Ent. And GFC Ent. Presents ‘BOSS’ at The Leonora Hosted By Damon Dash

Hana Glinski

For Immediate Release

New York, NY – April 14, 2015 For Immediate Release – NYC Night Life Ambassador Adante Ace and promotion and marketing company GFC Entertainment presents BOSS, the Grand Opening of “Signature Wednesdays” at The Leonora on Wednesday, April 22nd at 10 p.m.

Rap mogul Damon Dash will host with DJs Boogie Dash and Chris Dollar on the wheels.

Those behind the launch of the new venue are Noel Ashman (of clubs like Veruka and Plumm), who partnered with a few investors including morning TV host Michael Strahan, actor Luis Guzmán, performer Simon Rex and the party photographer Patrick McMullan, to name a few.

The semi-private lounge is located in Manhattan’s Chelsea district near the Highline extension – a rapidly evolving luxury building zone in place of the tenement building-filled neighborhood that it once was. Bottle-service banquettes line the room, and the brick walls and eye-catching wooden bar in a far corner dating back to the 1800s where people can mix their drinks, defines the venue’s lavish and classic demeanor.

The invitation-only event is reserved for a mixed, upscale, hip-hop-devoted crowd and bottle service requests for table reservation is suggested.

NYC Night Life Ambassador Adante Ace will as always, bring out the celebrities, the celebrity DJs and NFL players. He says of this venture, “I want to breathe new life into the NYC party scene.”

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