We Became Unhumble



G-Unit’s Young Buck announced plans to release 10 mixtapes in 10 months.

The first mixtape off the series is 10 Bullets. Before the ambitious 10-month project was underway, Young Buck had an epiphany about humility and his place in the grand scheme of the universe, and with G-Unit.

Buck said of coming up with the project title: “I felt like I wanted to do something different, make it exciting. You know, it’s kinda boring to me. There’s a lot of good music, but there’s not a lot of consistency. It’s kinda here and there. I know I’m one of the most consistent artists in rap. I fight for that and I feel like I deserve that. I might not be your favorite, but I’m damn sure consistent. So I wanted to do something that showed my work ethic and consistency and then to give myself a challenge at the same time. And that’s when I came up with the Ten-A-Key mixtape series, 10 mixtapes in 10 months with 10 different songs. And the 10 Bullets was just basically the kickoff for the mixtape series.”

Buck says the next installment is on the way: “I will say that the next one I’m working on, it’s crazy,” Young Buck says. “I won’t give you the title—I do have the title ready and I do have four out of 10 songs for the next one that I know I’m going with—so I’m getting ready. I’m gearing up to shoot the video for the single off the mixtape, for ‘Let Me See It,’ and that’s produced by Drumma Boy. So we’ll push that product as much as we can, and get ready for the mixtape coming next month.”

Young Buck prides himself on his diverse lyrics and on being a realist: “I think that’s the void in Hip Hop, is that music doesn’t really have a lot of individuals who give you the reality, the mixture of it all. I’m one who can get on a record and tell you, ‘I’m gonna bust ya fuckin’ head’ and mean it. Then I can get on another record and say, ‘Lord, forgive me,’ you know? It’s all real, though. And the fact that I’m really from it and really out here in it—I’m saying I’m not your average artist, and it reflects in my music. My music is a reflection of the environment that I’m from and I’m actually still in.”

Following the recent G-Unit reunion, which has produced two EPs, Young Buck says the group are more in sync with one another now. “The bond that we have is the strongest bond that I’ve ever had in my life with my brothers. We’re closer than we’ve ever been. When you have success the way we’ve had success and so quickly, somewhere down the line in the middle of that, you become unhumble. There’s no way you can remain humble all of the fuckin’ time, so somewhere we all became unhumble, including 50 Cent. And I think what happened with our separation was that God made us realize that, and He humbled us all. We’re so excited for what’s to come. We grew and matured in a lot of different areas, not only as artists, but as a team. What people don’t realize is that an artist is only as strong as the team – the people who you don’t see behind the cameras. I tell 50 this all the time. Our team is special because even over the seven or eight years that I was away from 50—you know, we never had a conversation—but when I came back around not only did I realize the growth of us as men and as brothers, but some of the people who were there to help make my career from the beginning with G-Unit, are still there, and they’ve grown into better men and better businessmen as well.”

Spotted at HHDX



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