Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao Sells Out Astronomically



This Saturday night’s fight is slated to be one of the most profitable boxing cards in history. Profits are expected to flood in from the live gate, and ticket prices are at a premium, which only the rich can afford.

The 16,800-seat MGM Grand Arena had only 500 seats available to the public, which sold out in seconds. Yahoo Sports reported that two state senators will have to attend from Washington due to scarcity and ticket pricing.

Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nevada, a former boxer who reportedly helped nudge negotiations for the fight along when a dispute about ticket distribution issues threatened the event, is going to watch from Washington.

Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, an ardent fight fan who would have loved to go, will be watching from afar.

With the face value of ringside seats at $10,000, “It’s just a little pricey,” said McCain spokeswoman Julie Tarallo. And boxing fan or not, he’s still a member of Congress — no freebies allowed.

Even Manny’s promoter Bob Arum had to fork over $10K for his ringside seat.

The ringside area is typically propagated by a variety of high profile entities such as HBO, Showtime and the Wynn Resort, but the ringside area for this fight is expected to be a who’s who of the celebrity community.

Another big spender was Manny Pacquiao himself, who snagged $3 – $4M block of seats for his 900-member entourage.

Brokers tried to charge as much as $344K for tickets. MGM Grand rooms went for $1600/night.

Calling this fight one of the most expensive fights in history is a gross understatement.


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