Nelly To Release New Country-Rap EP

20121011-nelly-624x-1349984549Leave it to Nelly to make a statement about something. The chart topper is poised to expand fans’ musical palettes with his move into the country music lane.

Back in 2004 Nelly gave us “Over And Over,” a country single with Tim McGraw. 11 years later we can expect interesting changes to descend on to the commercial music scene with the merge of (traditional) country and rap-based EP “Heartland” that Nelly is putting together, now.

Nelly’s new manager J Erving told Billboard last year, “He may be one of the first hip-hop artists to jump into that space in an authentic way with Florida Georgia Line and Tim McGraw, so we think he has an opportunity to grow that base even more.”

With country music and rap being polar opposites, this merger will be a spoke in the wheel of music evolution.

Watch Nelly and Tim McGraw’s “Over And Over”:


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