Fans to Sue Pacquiao For #MayPac Loss



Angry fans have reportedly taken their disdain for Pacquiao’s loss in the overly hyped #MayPac fight to court. Pacman – who fought even though he was hurt – is being sued for $5million!

Stephane Vanel and Kami Rahbaran filed suit in Las Vegas “On behalf of all persons who purchased tickets.” Promoters Bob Arum and Top Rank Boxing are named in the law suit.

According to TMZ, there is another class action suit against the Filipino boxer.

4:55 PM PT — Pissed off fans are coming out of the woodwork now — a 2nd class action suit was filed against Pacquiao in Los Angeles … TMZ Sports has learned.
It’s pretty much the same as the Nevada suit, but the plaintiffs in L.A. have included Mike Tyson as exhibit A the fight was crap. They point out Iron Mike called it “the Dud of the Century.”

Just when Pacquiao thought it couldn’t get worse.


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