The ‘Absent Black Father’ Is A Myth



The Center for Disease Control recently debunked the popular belief that the majority of African American fathers are absent from their children’s’ lives. The Los Angeles Times reports that black fathers  – whether they are with the mothers of their children or not – are actually more present in the lives of their children than dads of other races, defying the stereotype of their absence.

This news eclipses the discussion of there being a “crisis” in connection to the killings of black men in Baltimore, Stanford and Ferguson, as many people feel that there is a significant absenteeism of black fathers. But the statistics say this belief is a myth.


The CDC’s study measured the involvement of black, white, and latino fathers and found that a higher percentage of black fathers living with young children (up to age five) partook of daily activities with them such as sharing meals, dressing them, and reading to them – more so than other fathers. It was determined that in general, black dads did as much as any other group whether they lived with or apart from their children.

The study also emphasized that black and white dads are just as likely to agree it’s important to be a father “who provides emotional support, discipline, and moral guidance,”—and blacks dads are “even more likely to think it’s important to financially provide for their children.”


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