Marshall And Yella Discuss ‘Love Story’ Album Collaboration

Eminem & Yela


Eminem and Yelawolf talk about the experience of creating new album, Love Story, in a new clip shared to Yelawolf’s Facebook page.

Yelawolf took an abstract crack at explaining his collab with Eminem: “With Marshall on a record like ‘Best Friend’ it just somehow makes sense… and it’s chaos.”

Eminem said of working with Yelawolf, “I feel like he’s coming into his own, just sonically. Everything is starting to mesh where he’s figuring out this is the lane I’m going. This is what I’m on right now.”

The Nashville, TN – recorded Love Story was executive produced by Eminem.

“I’m just happy that it’s finally happened,” Yelawolf said. “It’s also dope that it’s happening with Shady because it’s such a different album.”

Yelawolf chronicles his life on the 18-track album, simultaneously weaving folk and hip-hop together. Said Yella about the genre fusion: “It’s culturally schizophrenic, but it still glues. That’s just because I’m being honest about what I like and who I am.”


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