Jay Z’s Son Dishes On Absentee Dad



For some time there have been rumblings about Jay Z having sired a few children outside of his marital union with Beyonce. But, as time goes on there’s no doubt that Rymir Satterthwaite is Jay Z’s biological son despite all roadblocks Jay Z has put up to have a DNA test, according to Rymir.

In an exclusive interview with Radar Online, Rymir says that the father he never knew, Shawn Carter (Jay Z), has dodged every attempt to prove or disprove his paternity to him and that he and his mother were not legally and financially prepared to meet the challenges that unfolded with their case.

Rymir expressed his frustration with Jay Z not publicly acknowledging him after settling with he and his mother out of court, and still has unanswered questions about Jay Z’s side of the family and his health history.

Rymir made the bold point that if not for his father’s wealth, Jay’s paternity would have been established a long time ago. Jay Z may have put paternity court behind him, but in the case of 21 – year – old Rymir Satterthwaite, Jay Z is the father! The nose is a dead giveaway.

Check the interview with Radar:


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