Ghostface Killah Goes Sausage Eggs & Ham Following Action Bronson Remarks on ESPN



Action Bronson has long been compared to Wu Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah – his voice like Ghost’s, some listeners have said.

During his recent appearance on ESPN’s SportsNation, Max Kellerman admitted buying Bronson’s album because he thought it was Ghostface, to which Bronson actually replied, “(Ghostface) is not rapping like this no more.”

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Things went downhill quickly from there. Among things Ghostface said in response to Bronson were, “First of all you little fat fuck… what gives you the right to mention my name?” He continued, “Boy, you done made a mistake, boy,” and, “…this is not a black and white thing. This is a Ghost/Action Bronson thing, ya’nah mean?”

Ghost explained that after the televised remark, he contacted Bronson directly and told him to “fix that shit.” Bronson reportedly asked Ghost, “How?” Ghost said, “I don’t know how. But fix that shit.”

Ghost continued to explain in vivid detail, how truly agitated he was. Ghostface’s remarks on YouTube:

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Action Bronson’s apology:

Everyone says things they regret. I respect my elders and the forefathers of this art. Once again, I’m sorry.

— MR. WONDERFUL (@ActionBronson) July 20, 2015

Says Ghosface, “You have to watch what you say.”


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