The Investigation Into Nick Gordon Begins



On Sunday, July 26, Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away in the presence of loved ones just outside Atlanta, at the Peachtree Christian Hospice Care facility.

Brown’s boyfriend Nick Gordon, who is currently estranged from the Houston/Brown family said he learned of the news online “just like everybody else.”

Since being discovered in her home by Gordon on January 31st face down in the tub, the circumstances surrounding the incident that led to Brown’s passing – are mysterious at best. This morning the medical examiner released a statement saying that it will take months to determine the cause of Brown’s death.

Whitney Houston took Gordon in as an orphan when he was 12 after divorcing Brown in 2007, and raised him with her daughter. Gordon bares the tattoo of Houston’s face on his arm and has referred to the singer as “Mom,” although Houston never adopted him or included him in her will.

Gordon’s unofficial stepfather, Jack Walker Jr., who never married Gordon’s mother but has served as a father figure in his life, told Access Hollywood that Gordon is “distraught” over Bobbi Kristina’s death, and went on to say that contrary to reports Gordon is not suicidal in the wake of her death.

Gordon went into rehab in April following an intervention on Dr. Phil. Since leaving the facility, he has been desperate to see Bobbi Kristina.

The investigation into Nick Gordon, 25, began late last month with a lawsuit that Bobbi Kristina’s conservator, Bedelia Hargrove, brought for $10 million. Gordon was served papers in Florida earlier this month. The suit involves his alleged treatment of Bobbi Kristina prior to her death. Specifically, that Gordon dragged Bobbi Kristina by her hair upstairs, took funds out of her account without her authorization, and knocked her teeth out hours before she was discovered in the bathtub. Gordon’s attorneys instructed him not to open the papers because they were served on a Sunday, which is illegal in Florida.

The investigation into Nick Gordon begins.


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