Drizzy Laughs at Meek Mills’s Diss Track



After getting “bodied by a singin’ nigga” back to back, Meek Mill has issued his widely criticized, lukewarm diss track to Drake, “Wanna Know.” Drake’s presumable response is in the form of a picture he posted to Instagram – of himself laughing – without a caption. But, no caption necessary

Meek Mill’s response below.


The rap feud has made big news since Meek called out Drake as being “fake.” Recently, a former senior adviser to president Barack Obama called the flurry of back and forth shots between the rappers as “brilliant marketing.” He said, “I am ambivalent on Meek Mill as a rapper, but baiting Drake into a week-long feud just as his album dropped, is brilliant marketing.”

The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God crowned Meek Mill “Donkey of The Day,” saying that Meek has surprisingly lost the battle after calling his diss “garbage and unthoughtful” on the heels of Drake’s well-calculated diss tracks.


Former baseball player Joe Carter took to twitter to express his gratitude for being the featured image on Drake’s “Back to Back” diss track. Carter spent nearly 15 years playing Major League Baseball with the Cubs, Indians, Padres, Blue Jays, Orioles and Giants. He was named an All-Star five times. He’s been referred to as a “World Series Hero,” which is how he has titled his Twitter bio.


Carter said:


Carter also spoke to TMZ Sports and said he didn’t know Drizzy would use his image. He said, “My Twitter’s been blowing up! It put my name back in the mix. I had no idea [Drake was going to use that photo]…I’m honored that he used it…My 25-year-old thinks I’m cool now.”

When we think of anything world series hero going forward, we’ll be reminded of Joe Carter and the “Hold On, We’re Going Home Rapper.”


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