50 Cent To Lease His Connecticut Mansion

50 Cent Launches His SMS Audio Headphones


After filing for personal bankruptcy last month, 50 Cent is reportedly trying to lease his massive Connecticut mansion valued at nearly $8.3 million.

The news was disclosed Wednesday by a meeting of creditors that oversee bankruptcy hearings, according to the Hartford Courant (CN).

50 Cent’s lawyer, Stephen Savva, says no deal has yet been reached to lease the Farmington mansion, which 50 purchased in 2003 from Mike Tyson, who also went bankrupt there. The mansion boasts of 21 bedrooms, nine kitchens and a casino. According to court filings, the rapper has been paying $72,000 a month to maintain the property, not including $1000 on personal grooming and $5000 on gardening.

The rapper has not yet disclosed how much he is seeking from potential tenants.

50 Cent listed the value of his assets to be between $10 and $50 million U.S. dollars, while his liabilities fall between the same range. He was slapped with $5 million for publishing Leviston’s tape to the internet, and was then hit with another $2 million in punitive damages last month.


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