50 Cent Wants Baseball Collectors’ Cards of His Mispitch Discontinued


Rapper 50 Cent wishes he could wipe his infamous baseball pitch from history. It’s an honest request, really.

The “I Get Money” hit maker comically misfired the ceremonial first pitch at the New York Mets’ match against the Pittsburgh Pirates in May of 2014. He was clowned all over the world, no doubt, joked on from pillar to post, raked over the coals and dubbed “one of the worst first pitchers of all time.”

It wasn’t his fault he explained to Q magazine. The ball slipped from his hand:

“I was like, ‘Yo, can I do it again?’ I ain’t going to lie, there was so many people looking at me, it’s like, ‘The f– just happened, man?’ I’m trying to throw the ball hard and get a fast strike in front of everybody, then the s– slips out of your hand.

“They got f– baseball cards, collectors’ baseball cards, of it. Public domain my a–, that’s my image! That’s one of the pictures I would like taken down.”


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