Exclusive Interview With G Unit’s Kidd Kidd


G Unit’s Kidd Kidd made headlines back in June at XXL’s 2015 Freshman class (NYC), when after being voted in as part of the class and set to perform, was apprehended by law enforcement in connection with a domestic dispute (the charges of which have been reduced).

Kidd Kidd is moving on with his life. Along with the September release of the “F*** Da Fame” mixtape hosted by DJ Iceberg, he exhibits a steadfast faith in his creator and in himself. He chopped it up with Ms. G about what’s been up.

Hana G. Congrats on your recent mixtape release. Tell me, what’s the motive for titling it “F*** Da Fame”?

Kidd Kidd The title is based on what I’m going through right now: f*** the fame. No matter how famous I am, I’m still gona be me. No matter how much money I got, I’m still me and gona remain real, and stay real to myself.

Hana G. Why did you choose a career in fame, but say f*** the fame?

Kidd Kidd I chose this lifestyle to feed my family in a positive manner. Growing up where I’m from, you gona be three things – either a ball player, a drug dealer, or you’re gona be a rapper – three positive things. We can go to school and go to college and everything, but I know people with college degrees and they’re still working at restaurants and stuff like that. I chose another path to feed my family.

Hana G. Its evident that you’re religious. Can you give an example of a time in your life when your faith was tested?

Kidd Kidd Doing time. Doing time will definitely give you faith because there’s nobody you can call on but God to help you.

Hana G. What do you, as the youngest member of G Unit, contribute to the G Unit brand?

Kidd Kidd New energy. Gotta have new energy.

Hana G. What’s it been like working with Lil Wayne and G Unit?

Kidd Kidd I’m working with artists who are already established, who have broken down barriers that I’m still trying to break down, so I have to work just as hard as them.

Hana G. What do you think sets you apart from other artists?

Kidd Kidd I’m a guy with a real story to tell. I’m pretty sure that everybody has their story, but me coming from where I come from, I explain it in such a raw form that you can’t help but to feel it. And what’s going on right now in this game is, nobody’s giving you real, pure music. Everybody’s talking about the Bentleys, the money or dancing. So I just try to give the raw and show that there’s still hunger out here.

Hana G. What are you working on right now?

Kidd Kidd I have a lot of projects that are already finished. But I constantly work on making new music from day to day. Of course being around someone like 50 Cent, I want to get into acting and movies, so I’ll be getting involved with film.

A true artisan, there’s no doubt that Kid Kid will continue to evolve and inspire with time.


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