CC Sabathia to Seek Treatment for Alcoholism

CC Sabathia


In a statement by Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia regarding alcohol addiction, he says he had “no other option” but to leave the team for treatment just ahead of the Yankees’ loss to Houston in the one-game AL wild-card playoff.

Sabathia, 35, told ABC about getting treatment “it was just the time.”

A snippet from the interview was posted today (Thursday) to ABC’s website. The interview will air Friday on “Good Morning America.”

“I know it was a bad time of the season, but there was no other option for me but to get help,” Sabathia said. “And I understand where, you know, fans would be upset and people don’t understand, but it’s a disease. And if it was my knee or anything else, people wouldn’t have a problem with it. But, you know, it being alcoholism, it’s tough for people to swallow. But it’s the same thing.”

The left-hander was 6-10 with a 4.73 ERA this season, and delayed by a chronic knee injury.


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