Beautiful New Love Song by Future “Last Breath”



A track like this was bound to come from Future.  A track that speaks to his mounting successes with the back to back releases of Dirty Sprite and What a Time To Be AliveThere’s no end in site for him as the year comes to a close .

With success comes opposition, and as Future has become entangled in a Twitter spat with Young Thug over comments made by Metro Boomin, he carries on with the release of the victorious “Last Breath” off the Creed soundtrack.

Contemporary base lines weave through Survivor’s 1982 “Eye of The Tiger” off the Rocky soundtrack. Future’s remix compliments the upcoming film release, starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone due in theaters November 25th.

Lyrics “You should have never doubted me” echo throughout the track. “Last Breath” is a love song.


These cold streets made a man out of me.

They try to push you aside, you gotta fight some…

I was down on my last when I found myself.

Shawty wasn’t checkin’ fa me, Momma wasn’t checkin’ fa me.

Press play:


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