Rick Ross & Chris Brown Release ‘Sorry’ Featuring Lira Galore


Rick Ross has premiered new video ”Sorry” featuring Chris Brown, which also features his on-again fiance Lira Galore.

The video is proof that the engagement between Ross, 39, and Galore, 22, is still in effect, and she’s rocking her sparkling diamond engagement ring from the rapper to prove it throughout the video.

The two broke up after two months of engagement. But as of Nov. 12 the pair are back together according to this racy video.

Ross premiered the video the same day that the re-engagement was announced.

The visual depicts the two lovingly at first, until Ross gets busted with another woman, who leaves a lace thong in the kitchen drawer for Lira to find. Lira confronts Ross, who tells her he loves her, but she still packs up and leaves, and understandably so! Somehow, she goes back to the beleaguered Ross, who pleads for her return. He tells her, “I need you back here, I’m sorry.” She actually returns.

Ironically, during his apology to Galore, Ross refers to her as “baby girl.”


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