DJ Khaled Memes in Heavy Rotation



DJ Khaled has been having quite a bit of success in the meme world, seemingly overnight.

The “We The Best” rapper was analyzed by Boston firm “Crimson Hexagon” which measured his internet success since joining Snapchat back on October 2, 2015.

The firm assessed that DJ Khaled’s Twitter mentions ballooned since joining, reaching full momentum this past December.

“In October, 173,192 posts made mention of DJ Khaled. In November, 228,080 posts mentioned him. In December, posts skyrocketed to 2,711,827,” the Crimson Hexagon analysis stated.

Also of notable mention was DJ Khaled getting lost at sea on his jet ski, documenting the entire ordeal on Snapchat – further re-popularizing the already popular DJ on all the social media forums.

No longer just a music selector for album and mixtape projects, DJ Khaled’s personality has graduated to a social media brand, championing whatever cause meme authors seek to push – a far cry from where he started.

Check out the analytic report below, of DJ Khaled’s ever-growing popularity in the meme world:



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