3 Tips That H&A PR Has For You in 2017

Typical New Year’s holiday wishes go something like this:

Wishing you a new year filled with happiness, health and prosperity.

Health and wealth is what most people want. The reality though, is that those things are not always attainable. Hana & Associates Public Relations has another hope for you this year: gratuity. The pendulum in life swings back and forth for everyone. A cloud overhead is unavoidable, yet necessary, just as the sun.

Because every experience offers something valuable to grow from, it’s important to be thankful for the lessons that experience yields.

2016 revealed that there are far too many accomplished people exercising unethical business tactics, causing needless delays and problems.

Many moons ago, a political science course in college taught [me] that a country is as good as it’s government. That means that the environment is reflective of it’s master; whatever is occurring on the ground level, started at the top.

Successful business requires a combination of elements to work together, such as a great idea, capital, customers, enthusiastic assistants, and organized money management.

Here’s H&A’s three shortcuts to professional integrity and happiness in 2017:

  1. Always be transparent – about everything
  2. Address conflicts immediately
  3. Experience your business firsthand – evaluate your tactics and be willing to make adjustments

Onward to the year ahead, and don’t hesitate to reach out for strategic press placement of your projects.


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