10 Things That Make You Look Old

Whether you’re stuck in your ways or trying a new fashion trend on for size, you could simply just be making yourself look old.

1.) Grey hair has gained some popularity among the younger crowds with celebs like Nicole Richie and Rihanna sporting chic, grey-haired styles. But, if you’re middle-aged, you may want to opt for more softer tones that are flattering to your complexion .

2.) You might need reading glasses, but wearing them will make you look young – said no one ever. Check out optical frame stylist Warby Parker for the latest trends in frames.


3.) Mom jeans – Beyonce revived the ’80s-’90s high-waste style three years ago, along with designers like Topshop, Reformation and Zara. But the 20 and under crowd, are really the only ones who can get away with it. Ballerina tea, a good waste trainer and 20 minute walks daily can get the tummy to the right size for low-wasted jeans.

4.) Colors that wash you out. For some that might mean, nudes, mauves and yellows. The richness and vitality of reds and blues are guaranteed to turn back the clocks.


5.) Logo handbags might make you feel like you’re keeping in step with the Jones’s, but logo bags are so 15 years ago. Opt for fun, small leather bags or cross body bags.


6. ) Socks and sneakers outside the gym… Why?  Go for Vans and Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars for a light, youthful look.


7.) Tweed is a dated style that has far too often been associated with old British or matronly attire. If you’re looking for a masculine look, try pinstripes, navy or oversized hounds tooth in lieu of tweed.

8.) Unless you’re trying to stay warm, cardigans are unflattering and you know it. Try a jacket or a blazer (to conceal middle-age spread) with set-in sleeves, and details in the seaming, or collar. A good reference for stylish blazers is Balmain.

9.) Sensible, comfortable footwear. Birkenstocks are safe. Be imaginative. There are too many new shoe styles on the market to overlook!

10.) Too much or too little makeup. If you’re not sure what still works for you, go to your local department store or Sephora and get a free makeover with the latest products. New eyeshadows are sheer and luminescent, as are lipsticks and glosses. Learn how to apply pretty colors with a light hand and you’ll be on the right track to wearing the perfect makeup in middle age.

Source: In Style


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