What We Can Learn From David Bowie on The Anniversary of His Re-Birth

Today marks the first anniversary of David Bowie‘s death. You can feel ⚡ all his spiritual beliefs on his last project, Black Star, which Bowie also conveys in his 1997 interview with MTV.

Black Star is a musical gumbo of various cultural elements. It manages to cohesively piece together various stages of tempo changes, drum arrangements and vocal pitches. Then, Bowie evokes an otherworldly element –  a bridge to what he experiences, and what he experiences should give you chills. If you are not a spiritual person in general, and are grounded here in the mundanity of day-to-day life, you would be in denial to say Black Star didn’t give you pause to examine the four walls of your own existence.

The legacy that Bowie leaves his fans besides his decades of musical contributions, is his undeniable, poetic, inspirational spiritual journey.

Check out his interview with MTV, below.

More of Bowie’s legacies…




What makes an artist classic, is their ability to effectively and unforgettably, communicate timeless truths. Long live David Bowie.


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