Entertainers who are vocal about political issues earn kudos from their fans and criticism from others. Should they take a political position, or should they stick to entertaining?

From the civil rights and anti-war movements of the last century, to women’s issues and the “AID” era – Live Aid, Farm Aid, “We Are The World,” and most recently, police shootings of unarmed black men, artists of various backgrounds have influenced public opinions with their lyrics and comments.

We’re looking for the following guests for the next in-studio panel discussion on #Hot97 #NYC (Wed., 2/15):

1) An artist who feels their fans want them to be involved with political issues.

2) A music writer or critic who can talk about today’s political climate, and why they are, or are not speaking out.

3) Someone involved in social justice issues with a strong opinion about artist involvement or who has worked with artists in protests or other socially progressive events.

Email me to participate on this panel.

NOTE: All participants MUST be available to be in studio in MANHATTAN for this.


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