Caelum Gallery to Host Debut Screening of ‘The Raging Boom’

For Immediate Release – New York, NY – March 7, 2017 – MO’SARTS Pictures to hold red carpet screening of highly anticipated, independent feature film, The Raging Boom, at Caelum Gallery on March 26, 2017.

The Raging Boom is a science fiction film that focuses on the lives of five, New York college students, who are assigned the task of evaluating human response to sound by their science professor. What begins as a class project, progresses into a catastrophic response to the experiment and resounding realization that sound has the ability to leave a mental and emotional imprint on its listeners.

The students set out on a new mission to rectify the effects that their experiment is having on their subjects – but they must act fast, before it’s too late.

TRB seeks to address how sound – particularly music – triggers uncontrollable reactions in people, both mental and emotional, and further challenges viewers to consider how much of their inward disposition is influenced by what they hear.

The film is created and directed by Mahagony B., with starring and supporting roles played by Andrew Scott Frances, David Wallace, Timothy Park, Kevin Williamson, and D’Angelo Justice.

Says Director Mahagony B. of her aim: “I wanted to show viewers how sound, bites,” and to quell the “raging boom” that exists in anyone, who has been acutely affected by sound. Her goal is to inspire dialogue about how we process sound.

We must all, “Watch what we listen to!” says Director, Mahagony B.

TRB tickets are available at

To RSVP as press, email, or call 347.450.4082.

<<Email us to receive an email PDF version of this press release>>

View The Raging Boom trailer, below.



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