Police Have Chinx Drugz’s Murder Suspects In Custody


Since the fatal shooting of Queens Cokeboy Chinx Drugz on Sunday morning, New York authorities have taken two unidentified men into custody and commenced questioning regarding the rapper’s murder, according to the Associated Press. 

Witnesses and police have said that Lionel Pickens, 31, along with passenger Antar Alziadi (Yemen Cheese), 27, were shot while inside the rapper’s silver Porsche Panamera 4 at approximately 4a.m. on Queens Blvd. at 84th Drive in Briarwood. Pickens had reportedly just finished performing at around 2:30a.m. at the Red Wolf club in Brooklyn. After, the pair tried to go to a nearby Hookah bar which was closed.

A black Mercedes pulled up beside the Porsche and “let off shots,” according to witness Raymond Rivera via the AP. Multiple shots were fired at the two men. The shooter sped off while the rapper’s Porche rolled for about a block and came to a complete stop in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts. At least seven bullet holes pierced the front and rear driver-side windows.

Pickens was pronounced dead at a Queens hospital due to multiple gunshots to the chest. The other victim remains in critical condition from two gunshots to the back.

An employee at the Dunkin’ Donuts said Pickens looked lifeless in the driver’s seat when cops arrived.

Police have not revealed who they have in custody, nor have they confirmed if the killer was an Instagram user claiming to have carried out the killing, who posted photos that seemed to be rejoicing in the crime with the depiction of a weapon and a young man smiling, the other with the caption “kill first then pray to God.” Both photos have since been deleted from the Instagram account.

Pickens once said in an interview with Hot 97 that the violence and drug-related imagery in his lyrics were not something he wanted his children to emulate. “What dad’s doing is nothing different than what you see in the movies,” he said. “This is a movie with no picture. I’m just talking about it. This is not real.”


One has to be mindful of the energy they put out into the universe.

Additional Press: StarforceHipHop.com & PNCRadio.FM


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