“Why do people idolize public figures?” – Chuck D



Chuck D went on Twitter yesterday (July 12) to discuss the criticism Bill Cosby is receiving after his admission of drugging women (for the purposes of coercing them into eventual sex).

The “Shut ‘Em Down” rapper reminds his Cliff Huxtable-loving audience that Cosby was pals with Hugh Hefner, who founded the Playboy empire. He further pointed out that slipping mickies to women was not uncommon in the ’70s.

Said Chuck D, “No way Im defending Cosby. But this wiping history out wit a swoop is akin to Nazi book burning. Context is everything.”

Disney’s Hollywood Studios announced plans to remove the actor’s statue since the allegations and admissions have come to light.

Chuck D says that America puts too much hope in public figures:

“Fkn stupid USA. My own father is 77 why would I listen watch a TV actor as a father figure? We have to look real people in eyes & not images. A public figure can only be someone you pick qualities from and add to you, if chosen. Eat what’s edible leave the bones where they may.”


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